Municipality of Burgas Receives Award for Transparent Government

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Friday, 19 February 2010
Posted by: Стефан Минчев
Municipality of Burgas Receives Award for Transparent Government

Municipality of Burgas won second prize in the category “Most Transparent Administration” at the annual awards of the Foundation for Transparent Regulations. The ceremony was held on the 18th of February 2010 in Plovdiv and was the final part of the Common meeting of the National association of municipalities in Bulgaria.


First prize was won by the Municipality of Dobritch and the third was bestowed on the Municipality of Zlatograd.

The awards of the Foundation for transparent regulations aim at stimulating transparency in the work of the administration. The regulations and criteria for evaluation change every year in order to correspond to the current state of the municipal and regional governance.


In 2009 Burgas won a few more awards for its active work. It was proclaimed “Best Town for Business” by the organizers of the contest “Best Town in Bulgaria”. Mayor Dimitar Nikolov received an award for best social partner of teachers. The Ministry of regional development and public works gave the Municipality the highest evaluation for its EU projects in “Regional Development” Programme. The Municipality was also distinguished for its efforts to develop sport and execute projects in the field of sports infrastructure. For its official website the Municipality won second prize in the category “Public administration and NGO” in the contest for “Best BG Website”. Spirit of Burgas became one of the top 10 in two categories of European festival awards – “Best Overseas Festivals” and “Best Medium Size Festival”.



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