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Тwo such pavilions in the Sea Garden are being put

The first mowing of the green territories in the city of Burgas is coming to an end. Two new gazebos have been installed in Mineralni Bani Park. Two more of the same type will be located in the Sea Garden. They are convenient, useful, and always used. The first treatment…

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Eco-initiative "Blue Label" launches a competition for an original logo

The Municipality of Burgas in partnership with the University "Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov" announces a competition for a graphic logo for its environmental initiative "Blue Label". The logo must be adapted for static printed and electronic interpretation and suitable for printed ads and souvenirs, information signs, billboards, necessarily presented in…

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26 young black pines planted in Mineralni Bani Park

The Municipality of Burgas planted 26 young black pines in Mineralni Bani Park. In the coming years, it intends to consistently restore its population in this area. At the same time, clearing of dead and dangerous trees is being carried out, as the park is visited by hundreds of people…

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No air pollution has been registered in the past week

In the last two weeks there has been a steady trend for air purity in Burgas, with no exceedances of the norms for concentration of controlled pollutants. In the period 5 - 11 April on the territory of the Municipality of Burgas there were 2 automatic stations, 1 DOAS OPSIS…

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Trash cans are being washed and disinfected in Burgas

Trash cans will be washed and disinfected using specialized equipment in Burgas. The treatment of the vessels has already started in complex “Meden rudnik” and will take place in several stages. After collecting the garbage, the remaining adhesive materials are mechanically cleaned, and the dishes are washed internally and externally.…

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