"Construction crafts of Stara Planina"

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"Construction crafts of Stara Planina"

03 June 2021 11:32 - 30 September 2021 19:00

The joint exhibition of the association "Meshtra" and REMO "Etar" offers a look at the architectural and construction achievements of the Renaissance in the region of Gabrovo. The area is extremely rich in cultural and historical heritage, which is threatened with extinction due to the depopulation of the area and a number of other factors that we encountered during our research. The project "Construction crafts of Stara Planina" of the association "Meshtra - traditional knowledge and crafts", co-financed by the National Fund "Culture" at the Ministry of Culture, aims to study the tangible and intangible architectural and construction heritage of the Renaissance in Gabrovo . The project partners are REMO "Etar", NGPI "Tryavna School" and IEFEM-BAS. Pupils, teachers, as well as volunteers - students and specialists took part. During the two field studies: - About 30 settlements in the region were visited and studied; - architectural objects with different functions are analyzed and documented; - the work of local craftsmen, mastering construction crafts from the Renaissance period, has been studied. The documentation and promotion of traditional construction techniques and the study of the relationship between tangible and intangible cultural heritage are important steps towards the preservation of local traditional architecture. It is part of a process of creating a sense of responsibility, appreciation and respect for the legacy left by our ancestors.

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"Construction crafts of Stara Planina"

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